Since the first day i smoked cannabis, i knew i had found something that was precious. I had never wanted to stop but always fought  with others' voices in my head as well as society's noise.

I would do my research on the cannabis world and find people living their best lives. Eating good food, listening to good music and falling in love.

I was told if you smoked cannabis you couldn't do anything, yet i have managed to set up this company and others and i have also found a scence of peace in my heart.

I do not believe smoking is for everyone. I do believe you need the mind for it but that said those who do smoke i will encourage you to treat it as something precious to you. Treat it as true medicing. Use the strains for what they can heal you with. Calmness is the Hallmark of the mighty.

I have done a lot of amazing things because of cannabis and now i am setting up a community of Thinkers and Investors and Inventors. I would love to see what the outcome will be on such a project.

I was told i couldn't get a job and i did. I left, but i still did. I always wanted to do me a focus and everytime i would try not to smoke i would get into demon mode then when i smoke, pleasant experiences would happen to me. After a while i stopped fighting it. I just wanted to live in peace and be wealthy and just live life.

Now i guess looking back, i made the right choice. This is the 2020s and new ways of thought are welcome.

So if you are proud of being a cannabis entheusiast, i would love you to invest what you can into this community.

We will cater to creatives and those who can use this to calm down or create amazing products

Registar Your interest.. In the notes session write what you believe you can bring to the table, It can be a space, or restarrant or chef skills or money or products etc.. Whatever you feel you can contribute but with the vision of a community that has a lot invested and people can be themselves and share stories and ideas.