A Letter To Investors

Written by - Osarogie Emmanuel Skremz Eka

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Dear Investors,

Dear Partners,

It is an absolute pleasure to be able to reach out to you in this way. After years of searching and building this business up, I am finally ready to expand the idea and form a new culture around The Brothers Store. The fact I can go directly to the people and appeal to their likes is amazing... so thank you 21st Century and thank you 2020. It cuts out the banks and causes free business among the people.

A Little On Myself...

I am a very obsessed person who has spent the last 8 years fighting a mental battle as to weather to work a regular job or create something long lasting. It has been very challenging and educational but they say once you can crawl, you will walk and then run. I am at the flying phase.

Upon learning about business and the movement of money, it is interesting to see how the rich make their money by investing heavy in others' and assets. I will now share my plans and philosophy as to why I want you to invest with The Brothers Store or become a Partner.

I am making this personal as that's how I know to do things.


For so long I would hold back on honesty and going that extra mile thinking people would not bite, but, now I know that truly: Assets Put Money In Your Pocket and real investors know this. When I started this business the philosophy wasn't that thinking. I thought I would design a product and then sell on. The thing is you always run out of money and everything else. Then I realised (thanks to Robert Kiyosaki) that what is needed was to write assets into the business. A way for the business to constantly generate cash flow weather I am there or not, which leads me to this plan.

I am wanting an investment of £700,000 and below are details on how this will be invested and how you will get your return on that investment. You will not only get money in return but under my Leadership you will also be part of something becoming the Number 1 Retail store in the 2020s. Your money invested will be at a healthy 10%.

There are also other ways to invest with The Brothers Store and this is me writing more business into the business so we have assets and investors will always get a return. Visit our The Brothers Fund and Get Investing. A lot of intellectual property is also set for the future.


As I am a creative person and this is a new world we are living in with new ideas and new ways of doing business, I will be as transparent as I can on the business investment and its uses. Here we go...

Here is a breakdown of the expenditures and please feel free to use this formula for yourself. Be sure to do the work.

Fabric Printers (X2) - £40,000

- This Asset enables us to be able to print for ourselves direct to garment instead of constantly sourcing from someplace else. Having these printers in our workspace enables us to design and get printed immediately (making us in a sense manufacturers) on our apparel and we can sell immediately to our customers. We will also set up a side printing business for the masses here by adding to The Brothers Store profits. The Brothers Store clothing products are aimed at the Wealthy - those who can afford to buy a £200 shirt or a £500 Tracksuit that is customised and only a certain amount maid. We will prey on scarcity here as we will not be making volumes. All we make will be limited and this will always fuel creativity and get us working with new creatives, keeping the store ideas fresh and always updated. This will be bought outright. I believe in owning Assets outright. This allows the creation of our custom labels also.

Silhouette Cutters (Pattern Cutter X2) - £2000

- This Asset allows us to make cheaper custom clothing but not only that, it allows expansion into making designs for accessories, wall stickers, Car Vinyl Art, stickers, and hiring out to others who want to use this asset. This also allows us to make custom freebies for our customers when we send them their items. We can personalise notes and such to customers giving them a unique experience with The Brothers Store.

Embroidery Machine (X2) - £20,000

- Another asset that enables to create for ourselves and also to hire out the service to others'. I must mention that I am located in Liverpool, UK and the area is ready for this growth in business. This allows us to do some embroidery on Caps and Apparel and gives us another design outlet for adding new materials to our store. This allows us to have our own custom labels also.

Work Space -  £36,000 Annual

- This allows for a large work space to accommodate a photography video studio to produce content. This space allows us to keep things in house and make clothing to be photographed and worked on immediately. We also will allow for other businesses to hire out our work space for their uses. It also allows a big enough space to house our machine assets, stock, admin area and more.

Office Supplies - 30,000

- The office supplies includes things such as chairs, work tables, pens, pencils, filing cabinets, etc...


Content Equipment - 20,000

- This includes photography and film gear as well as backdrops and other equipment needed to bring our marketing to the masses. Working to also find talent for the growth of the company long term.

Transport - £75,000

- Promotional Transport with company Logos and Vehicle Advertising

Stock - 100,000 - Organic High Quality Materials. Real Materials. We will strategically work with stock. We will also make signature pieces at specific we are known for such as a centre piece tracksuit or a jacket. We will create signature products of high value. (Quick Break Down - Hoodies £25 each and sold at a premium price surrounded by culture narrative. High Organic Quality Shirts from £10 and sold with a narrative etc...

Marketing 100K - including photographers and film per project 8 campaigns per year. Quarterly

Team (X8) - 144,000 Annual (also including - Book Keeping, Accountant, Attorney, Freelancers)

Investments from £50,000 (this is the minimum as it allows for the purchase of a fabric printer and we begin immediately. Truly Honest)


I want to thank you for taking the time to read the above.

Read it again and again and again and see the potential. Visualise it and Contact The Brothers Store.

I have a philosophy of not messing around with the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. Why would I finance the Goose when I can simply buy it from the farmer and use it how I see fit.​ This is why the Machine Assets are very important and are the most important purchase and it produces cash flow immediately.

So go through the site, see The Businesses Written Into The Business and see that the risk is in lack on control. The main source will be our fabric printers and other machine assets. They always pay for themselves. Creating a culture around High Quality materials and fashion is how we will move in a new direction in this new decade.

We want to discover the newest designers and keep the discovering, producing for years to come.

I look Forward to working with new relationships and the new forward thinkers in the new decade.

I also look forward to making a lot of money with you or to say it is a posh way " I look Forward To Generating Wealth With You".

Osa "Skremz" Eka

The Brothers Store

For those who are really ambitious and to those who play this game, I have here a document you can download. Go Through It.

I think if we 10X this plan it will be even better with this new world awaiting us.



Thank You

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