So as we have entered into a new world, we have decided to be ourselves also and simple do as we please. By this we mean that we created this store as a place for people to buy clothes that the feel enables them to be themselves. 

The Brothers Store is a place we wanted to create wealth from by being BOLD & SEXY and having individuals who feel the same way.

We are searching for Female Models who are encouraged by being Bold and Sexy in all things. We are Rebranding by adding some sexy to our brand and with some new lines currently being shipped over to us for when the economy fully reopens, we wish to work with you models and possible create intellectual property with you as to us creating wealth through that also.

We want to work on projects such as calendars, promo videos for parties, private events, Silk Gowns, Latex and Such.


New Brighton Beach Merseyside (more information upon application)


Indoor Photo Studio there after



Bathroom Photos (18+)

Calendar Luxury Themed Photos




Sometime in June 2020

Send photos to

More Details:

The while point of this model application if to find models who are eager to form a new career in this new world. I am a creative individual who has some gear and has worked on some self made moves to get to this point. As you can see the tone of this has changed and i am being personal. 

I am also after an assistant as i think it is time i grew my team. 

Our other businesses such as is also searching for models for the more luxury themed sectors. A lot of Gold and Latex and Themed events going on over there and competent individuals are always required.

Anyway We look forward to working with you with projects. Let us see how this thing turns out.

There are payment for some of the model shoots and others will be a partnership as we have access to our store which you may design in and we split a commission or you have a new product you wish marketed, we can work on that, just keep in mind our target is the luxury industry.

Well thats all folks. 

Looking forward to it.

Skremz for model applications.

Your photos will remain private and will be viewed only by us. All information will be kept in tact as we actually want to grow our business. That simple.

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