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Food For Thought - Number 7 (Birkenhead)

In the process of building up my businesses i gave up rent, working for the man and all other things to focus on myself and my future.

Yesterday i was in Birkenhead trying to make money selling Iron On Vinyls ( or as the people of Birkenhead have named them - Fixers. You know.. For your cigaret burnt clothes. Haha i love it. Northerners).

Anyway i was getting tired and emotionally drained and decided to head home only having made £2.

As i decided to go home and turned around - wondering how i was going to pay for my emergency electric and feed myself for the day -- i hear a SCOUSE ACCENT of a nice lady saying to help yourself to some free food.

I was stunned! She just came right outside the store and dumped bread, vegetables, corn and other foods and said take. Now those who know me know i have gone into the spirit recently and i am no longer in control. My GOD or as i know it SUBCONSCIOUS MIND has officially taken the wheel and this was a great case of using your sub mind.

I immediately looked to the sky and thought to myself, so this is what it feels like to actually BE IN CONTROL by GIVING UP CONTROL. I said thank you and immediate dove in to these trolleys to feed myself for the evening.

I must say i did enjoy that corn and bread last night as i thanked the heavens again. The women inside were kind to me and put the food in a bag for me.

Now this is me returning the kindness by saying a few things... I saw people carrying primark bags and other cheap things around. I spoke to people and that makes me know where some were financially. What i am getting at is this... When this kind lady put out the trolleys, some people had pride and not take the food. This is creepy to me as i know the situations in most peoples minds and where they are financially. All i have to say on that is this... Please swallow your pride and eat something. People all over the world including the UK do not have food to eat and we should be thankful we were in an area where someone put food outside and said here it is.. FREE - EAT.

Some of the bread is now in the fridge.

I am a man who is on the cusp of earning millions. Or rather i already have the paper millions in my head and i am bringing it to this reality. I have had over 6 years of setting up this business and now in the final states the heavens fed me after me putting my FAITH in TheSUB MIND OR GOD.

This is charity at its finest. A lot of times the world has taken care of me in its own way and this is just another one. You are what you put out. I put out love and got it back.

Thanks again to Number 7 in Birkenhead, Merseyside and know that the heavens and whoever you pray to will continue to bring you good fortune.


P.S - To The Owner - Bless You Too

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