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Pricing For Custom Garment Printing.

Hello World.

Those of you who have been following me for years know i have done my best to build this brand.

Now i feel as though i am beginning to find my way.

It is about being Bold & Sexy. That's the Theme going forward.

I will start inserting my physical self into the businesses i've got going on.

Anyway we are now offering a printing service to our customers as well as new customers.

The images below shows details.

We are located in merseyside and will have a physical address for you all soon but for now it on online orders only and we make them locally and could even deliver on the same day in Merseyside alone if need be.

Thank you for supporting your Local Business.

Our warehouse will soon allow people to come in. We are setting up but we are taking orders immediately!

Our Garment Printing machines are sure to create new business in the UK in this interesting times


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