• The Brothers Store

T-Shirts & Hoodies. I Did It :)

I remember when i was in a car this one time and the discussion was the creation of t-shirts and selling them. I am just extremely happy that i am at this point to be able to run The Brothers Store.

Now as we continue to grow we show no frat in the process. Those £100M DEALS and such are now being on the tables.

You know, i never wanted to be a struggling artist. I just wanted to be free. So i took the time out to understand finances. Now that i do, here we go.

Anyway and moving on.

Making Hoodies and T-Shirts is fun.. Designing with the supplier and then working with graphic designs on prints as well as artists. It is all fun and games and doing what you want.

I encourage you all do do your own thing. MIND YOUR BUSINESS. Think of the word MIND in terms of a Child Minder. So take care of your business and in this case think of business as yourself. You Are Your Business.

Oh thats GOOD ONE!

Can't make this stuff up, yet its the only make the stuff is made up

You See Where This Is Going.

Anyway as for the products, I simple make things that bring joy to me. If they being joy to me, i know they will bring joy to others. All i wanted is to be free and now that i know what freedom is, i shall explore it to the depts of my Soul.