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The Reason Behind The Designs

It has taken me some time to be able to say I pretty much know what I am doing now. After years of searching and wanting to live a better life... I finally cracked it! I finally know how to earn big money and remain spiritual is the same time. I have finally conquered the fear of the unknown as I now know that's where I come from, so everything is ok.

Whilst I was searching I made a few clothing designs for the store and I wanted to give you a few reasons as to thought process behind the work.

I encourage you to buy some of these items as they with The Brothers Store it is about the feeling. I play to the minds and souls of true people and see who resonates with my crazy.

So... Enjoy.

Ohh... of course all clothing sent to you is of the highest quality and most are organic. I guess the target audience are the Self Made. In whatever way that means to you. Moving On..


I guess you could say this Good Food tee is about enjoying the good life. I make clothing that serves as a reminder to all people. The one wearing the shirt and the one doing the seeing.

You edge closer and you give off a smile. You read what the shirt says and always remember that memorable time when you did some cool stuff by yourself of with friends.

Good Living!

Life is about eating good food. It is about enjoying amazing sex, especially now that humans have come so far in understanding on all aspects of the subject.

Life is also about enjoying fine wine if that is what you are into. it is about enjoying it with friends and having a fry up to some cool Jamz in the background. It is about the Fantasy. Live It!


Oh How I Love AGRICULTURE. You really have to love plants and healing. I understand what Marijuanna has done to me. I was told by everyone my life would be over. The thing is my life actually got better. I have been struggling with mental blocks and I thought it was the weed. Then I realised it is actually other people's voices on my head. Don't do this and don't do that. Last time I checked I AM A FREE MAN. Last time I checked YOU ARE A FREE WOMAN.

All it takes is for you to keep your mind single. Keep your mind refreshed , on your goals and blissful. Your days become better.

I have big plans to expand agriculture as a brand. Some new items on the way but for now head over to the store or click for yours now.

I truly believe not everything is for everyone. That said I believe if Cannabis has healed you in some way or it helps you then use it as medicine. Remember chemical pill medicine is a recent thing. We are millions and billions of years old, possibly more.


It was Christmas Eve 2018 (or 17" one of the two, I will clarify later) and I had woken up from a nice relaxing session. As soon as I opened my eyes I saw this amazing face projected on my wall from a street light outside my window. I immediately ran to find a pen in the dark and sketched out a few things all in the dark rested for a while before day light broke for me to see what I had drawn. Not sure why I didn't turn the lights on but all in the moment in guess.

Then came the big reveal of FACEOFF.

At the time I was searching for something. I guess you could call it myself. I knew I was reaching the hight of something and when I opened my eyes that early morning and saw this face on my wall, a feeling came over my heart as to say "TAKE YOUR FACE OFF" as in "BE YOURSELF". This feeling of just going for it and understanding that if you really think about it, all the voices in your head are other peoples' voices.

When you come to this realisation and begin to work on changing those voices to your own voice of growth and wealth and love and kindness and positivity, something interesting starts to happen. You start to observe the real you. I have a lot more designs of FACEOFF on the way and it will be an interesting summer. For now Kindly purchase your FACEOFF Apparel and keep supporting me and The Brothers Store. Growth!


Prosperity and Feeling Good go hand in hand. It is wise for you to get in the habit of feeling good. The thing is you have to do this for a while to see the results.

There are many ways to feel good. It is up to the individual because it is unique to you. You may like a drink or a smoke or food or designing or building, whatever it is, this Tee serves as a reminder for you to Feel Good. It does something to the body and soul.

I made this for men and women and you buying this enables me to build on the idea. I think I can go wild with this one.


I always find ways to create and now as I get older I just do as a please. It really is freeing. I never wanted to just get rich as I knew it was empty. I wanted to discover self first. I wanted to get my mind right first and know how to use my mind powers. Now I prosper.

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