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Investing is not Risky,

The Risk is in The Lack of Control.

Machine Assets

Real Estate


This fund goes directly into investing in machines and tech for growth and creativity. As the years roll on these investments can only grow as man and machine have begun to understand each other.

Investments from £100,000 with a targeted 6% return on your money paid to you monthly.

As of now we are investing in clothing manufacturing machines and will continue to add more packages to invest in.

This is a fund investing in properties owned, developed and built by The Brothers Fund.

From £1,00,000 investment and a Targeted Cash Flow of up to 6% Return on your investment monthly depending on the deal.

We are acquiring rented residential properties that already generate cash flow and we go in for mass renovation which in the long term magnifies rents.

The purpose of the Agriculture Fund is to put investments into farms and land production worldwide.

As economies grow and diversify, and as human beings get more creative with the technological cultivation and development of land, our Agriculture fund goes towards cultivation of lands with technology, researching the future of healthy food growth and the elimination of chemicals from fooding industry .


Investments from £100,000.

This goes into land, planting seeds, cultivating a specified area and bringing products to market.