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Afghan New World

Oh what a time to be Alive. Truth comes to light and evil deeds eventually go bye bye.

Those who know the truth know. We Will leave that there.

This whole Afghanistan thing is very interesting and i just thought i would write a fashion angle to it.

No matter what happens over there, the western influence in the minds of some of the Afghan people, will remain in some minds. So in terms of fashion, what new industries will come out of Afghanistan this Oil Rich Nation? What new businesses will pop out? What new Male & Female entrepreneurs will lead their people to a new world?

These questions make me happy. Things going on in Mali, El-Salvador, Algeria etc etc... Sovereignty is being taken back. Ok, yes they are being taken back, but the western system which has its perks is still there and thanks to CAPITALISM, business will flood to these places and we will be able to see Art from these Nations emerge.

We will see their Gods Rise now. Or is is God? Which every one. Anyway...

Look this next few bits is for all my Afghans out there. A message from the African King...

Poise yourselves. Remember you read the stars and presented high learning back in the days. This is where you come from. Yes your lands might be in rubble right now.. But show us what you've got. Build a Great nation. Show us your architecture and your art and your dance and your food and what else you7 have to offer. What other sorts of technology can come from your lands. Maybe the teleportation machine? You are mathematicians after all. Remember?

Anyway this is just how my mind works. The negative is just long to play with. Why not tap into your Positive.

I wish you guys luck with this opportunity you have to turn things around. I know there are still things to deal with but just move with Poise.

Show Us What Great Minds and Creativity You've Got On A Flat Earth / Global Scale!



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