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Finally We have arrived.

All i see when i look at Africa is a land of Kings and Queens and a land that can finally protect itself from further harm. All i see is a place of tremendous growth and forward thinking.

With research facilities opening up and with the African Race finally owning it's in Nation again, it will be amazing to see the dynasties that will be formed in the next 100 years. The next Kings and Queens that will come out. The ones who will remain "Presidents". The ones who will form armies of protection and the ones who will take us beyond the stars.

The thing about the African man and woman is they have a strong mind. They hardly budge and they always find a way to come out on top. This is not Black & White. That is a small man and woman's way of thinking of things. Africa is Mixed of Skin Colours and Africa Values is what is important. Not Chinese or Russian or British or Western Or whatever else Nations there are out there. Even this is on a western platform. Ours in currently in the making. With stories of colonialism coming to light these days, it is interesting to see that the culture of African's thinking they are Gods, Kings and Queens never changed. Isn't that funny? A very strange land.

Africa is a place of life. It is a place where you can have all the gold and diamonds and oil and energy you want and it is a place of vast wealth which is why is was attempted to be conquered. Yes for a while of course you will succeed in your deeds but as night comes and as day follows after that, Kings will rise and Queens right beside them to create order again. It is just how things go. It takes time for the sun to come up. It takes time for the moon to come up. It takes time to rain and it takes time for vast winds BUT... they do happen. So in the same way it takes time for Kings and Queens to arise BUT... They do happen.

I do not know about you but all i see is people using the Bible which is a version of an African religion because in this day and age as you go through the places in the bible.. they are only up the road lol. Egypt is just there and so is Rome and all these other places and Ethiopia etc. So because humans have evolved past the dark ages and i think we have even gone past modern times... Black people get hated on a lot and it has gone into themselves too but let me free you a little from this black people. All other races this is not to upset you, this is simply to free my people...

I was watching Crazy Rich Asians recently and there was a scene where the women were all reading the Bible. That scene was amazing to me as i thought that is actually how real rich people are. we are spiritually grounded. But then another thought came to me. That is a black religion they are following. An African religion. The reason for this is i have been having bad experiences with Asians since i came into the uk and i wondered why. i wondered why in American films they still treated us bad there to. Maybe it was just the content i was exposed to but then i had an experience in my Local Chinese shop and also i had an experience with an Asian guy in Liverpool who literally looked at me like i was shit on the floor and as i walked away i laughed in my head.

Now EVERY RACE has they bad apples. FOR SURE. But i guess i am speaking on this part of things because if women can do it why not an Alpha Male. I was watching Almost Family in the last episode and the character was speaking out on a predator man. I guess i am speaking for those blacks who Chinese people just view as dirt. AGAIN NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS...

WHERE WAS I.... Oh YH...

African race signifies power. It signifies true strength.

2020 looked amazing as Jerry Mallo makes Nigerians First Super car .... or as Akon builds his City.. Or as the Ghanaians have just done a you turn to everyone in Africa, all i see is prosperity and defence. Also the accepting of crypto currency in Africa is going to blow everything out the market and those who know this know this. The protective weapons have gotten sophisticated and another set of people who are Spiritual have reached out to the Africans to aid in their growth. We will keep that one to ourselves. Those in the know are in the know.

Evil will always fail. Prosperity shines. So to that African little girl and that little boy, please know you are great. If your parents are blaming the government and blaming others just ignore them, they know no better. My people perish for a lack of knowledge and if they knew better they would do better. I have just told you there is better. So please.. do better. Let us be greater than our parents and ancestors everywhere and a prayer for you all.. May our kids say the same about us.



Oh Yh.. Do Business In Africa

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