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Growth Of The Brothers Store - Next Phase

Firstly, thank everyone who has supported up until now. Thank everyone for your contribution. Some may judge, but will not understand building something from scratch in a country that does not belong to you. Interesting stuff.

The growth is looking very good. been about 4 years now but those who know will remember MIND OF SK.


The next phase is the £10M plan execution. Gathering the network and the right partners to head into this new world. It is all looking good. By the way.. to invest.. CLICK HERE...

So, now it is time to open a physical store. The thing is now with is the world has become bigger as well as all these new trade deals and all these new peace deals the future is definitely here and it is bright.

I urge you.. this is the opportunity of a life time. even if you do not join us or invest with us then still do something on your end. DO SOMETHING ON YOUR END.

This opportunity is amazing... This time period is amazing. The Freedom Age. Awesome!

Back to The Brothers Store.

Now that things are looking up and the prices are set, it is now time to open in countries and areas i love in the world. We also have an eye on all these pretty New Cities of the future you are all about to build.

We are GONNA GET IN THERE. hehe :0

So ...

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