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I Just Felt Like Writing.

I just felt it. Here we go.

So i have never felt a place called home. Now as a 30 year old, it is interesting that i have found it with in. Now do not get me wrong, i know the place where i will "hang out", but for now it is with in.

I have tried to earn money and i have tried to do things my way. All is can say is heaven... keep opening up the abundance.

As for what i see in the world... The world has changed. Folkes who believe things will go back to the way they were are in la la land. Get with the program.

Now for the Africans... It is time to move. It is time for the Presence to be felt. Wakanda will look like a joke by the time we are done.

As i said this is off the whim and i just felt like writing. These thoughts must surely serve for something.

I see computers.. where will those be in 200 years. We will be referred to as the ancients.

People believe in science more than they believe in God or Peace or Inner You or The Creator or Whatever you want to call it.

Will the British say "Science Save Our Queen"? "God Save Our King?". Interesting times ahead.

They way i view the world is simply interesting as everyone is living in their own personal Truman show.

Take what is currently going on.. there are those you can put proof in their face and they will still deny.. these things have consequences but because you believe in "The Science" you think there are no consequences. You are the same as the esoteric movement. You better study that.

Ok, Bye Bye.

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