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Jerry Mallo Delivers Beauty in Nigerias First Supercar. LET's GO.

©Jerry Mallo Via Twitter

At 25, it is safe to say Jerry Mallo has made some noise for himself around Africa. What an accomplishment! Nigerias first Luxury Supercar. Once in mass production and once known more, it is safe to say that wealthy Nigerians and Africans around the world will have one in their garage alongside other international luxury cars.

Something made by an African for the African, in Africa, can not be beaten. In the same way a Mercedes looks beautiful in the lush german greenery or a Ford pick-up truck looks in the American terrane, is the exact way the carbon fibre BENNIE PURRIE looks in Africans ever changing background.

©JerryMallo Photo via twitter

I visualize seeing this car in our up coming movies as well as in music videos by Africa's musicians. This sort of awareness is second to none. We ourselves have decided or order one and cruse around Nigeria and Ghana before taking it to the Seychelles to relax for a business getaway trip.

This is a big win for Africa in general is it proves it can be done and everyday the future of the Nation looks Brighter and Brighter just like it was in Ancient times. So now we move into a new age of Top Quality Exclusive African designed products.




At The Brothers Store we are here to dish on everything luxury and things that we care about. So this Christmas why not Order Yours in Hot Pink, Black, White & Sky Blue.

You may contact us to order yours now! Get Your Bennie Purrie NOW!

Ordering this as a gift for the one you love or as a present or in a business transaction is the way forward.

Finally to all Africans out there, It looks like the Sun has set Again on Africa. I wish you all to know this is the start of a massive Motoring industry in Nigeria. Imagine more explorative cars. Imagine a land with no external rules on how to build cars meaning we have our own restrictions and our own rules for our lands. The possibilities are endless.

I want to see this car be absolutely in the races of Nigeria and the cars babies to follow.

Tayo Aina Films does his thing with exploring Lagos and Nigeria in general. I believe a video by You is needed. Lets face it, what we are all doing now means we will be the ones running the country when the time comes. No one can escape it. Old Guard or New so lets have some fun as young people of Nigeria and Africa and lets do some COOL STUFF.

To the older generation of Nigeria, my perspective is this... I thank for all the hard work you have done keeping Nigeria safe and out the hands of Colonial power. Most Africans and Nigerians just blame leaders without knowing the history. So thank you for supporting JERRY MALLO and BENNIE PURRIE