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NANA KWAME BEDIAKO - No.1 Oxford Street Hotel, Ghana

With the economy of Africa growing at a steady rate, we head over now to Ghana and meet NANA KWAME BEDIAKO, the owner of No.1 Oxford Street Hotel, Ghana.

Talk about Luxurious.

No.1 Oxford Street was visited by Vanessa Kanbi and was a very interesting watch.

Nana Kwame Bediako is a man of vision and this hotel is truly something special. This hotel is something that Ghanan's will see and believe they too are capable. This gives younger Africans something to aspire to.

The new African generation, still connected to its roots and traditions, are making the way to the future. With new wealth being born and self made individuals popping up everywhere, it will be fun to see the growth in Ghana and African as a whole. What direction will we go in with all this new technology and voices such as Vanessas' out there. Those who focus on the fun aspects and growth of the Nation will see only joy and happiness in their experience.

The hotel itself features amazing Balconies with views of a city in beautiful Growth.

This hotel starts as the point for Ghana's young and spontaneous Developers to start to brainstorm their ideas and it also stands as a beacon of The Call.

TayoAinaFilms you should visit No.1 Oxford Street, Accra, Ghana to do one of your cool videos . At the end of the day these will be archived for the younger ones when they come of age. See what we built, how we connected and all that good stuff.

Vanessa I believe you need a crew. I think an Actual TV channel where we put our content in Ghana and do shows. (me thinking out loud). ( I am sure one already exists if not I will create one)


Anyway, I always try to keep up with what is awesome content, and the was cool to watch.

Look forward to some Exclusively Lavish Experiences from No.1 Oxford Street and The Brothers Store.