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Some New Music By Our Founder

As the world reopens and we we have gotten smarter with our business dealings, our founder decided to drop some New Music.

As we grow we welcome new lovers of what we are about! Being BOLD & SEXY!

Simply doing your thing.

Anyway enjoy the song and do not forget to buy something to continue our GROWTH!

Much Love

Roll Fat Ones

How would you style this?
BUY NOW - Your *Drip*

Always remember to SMILE
BUY NOW - Happy is the Way

You simply have to keep your hustle up. Those who know the store of Skremz and The Brothers Store will know this has been going on for around 3 years now.

Finally the time is now to step out! We are here to do business, earn BIG Money and Give Charity to the world.

Enjoy the Music and Don't Forget To BUY