A Glorious 3 day Eat Fest of Jamaican Patties, Jollof Rice, Yam Chips, Truffle Meat Pies, Moet, Palm Wine and other African related Foods.. Delicately cooked and washed down with Great British and International Fine Wines & Champaigns.


This experience for up to 6 of your friends on a boat as you sail across the Liverpool Cannel. 


Beginning at Mid-Day, We can arrange pick up for you in one of our Luxury Bentleys, Or you may make your own way.


Feast on Patties, BBQ Cooked Meats, Fresh Vegitables, African Sandwiches, Big Truffle Pies and Wash Down with your favorite bottom Port.


Our Butlers have the highest in serving manners and are well trained to keep your Glass Topped Up.


Served in a Heart Tray are Fruits fit for Royalty for Breakfast


With a Set menu you are sure to get a taste of Africa right here in Silky Liverpool at it's Iconic Marina.


Leave with.a goodie bag full of cookies, fragrances and other fun stuff. These always vary per season and what's cool in town.

African Grub and Moet At The Marina Liverpool

  • We keep our terms very simple in these interesting times. Upon your order you will be given 14 days for a refund. Upon not recieving a notification for a refund, we will then preper for your experience by sending you a Golden ticket in the post.

    Please note that during these uncertain times we do our best to get your ingrieients and ales to your plates and cup.

    We ask you keep in mind a Human Policy as we are an independant Company.

    Thank You

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