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the cannabis

Eat Well

Be Happy

Sleep Well

Puff Puff Pass... Truly an experience for the Modern Age. Take advantage of the legalisation of cannabis in some countries. Dine with the finest cannabis recipes, Dine in Divine Settings, Smoke the finest & Most Rear Cannabis strains, enjoy yummy edibles and get to your destination in style. This experience is suited for true lovers of The Great Plant - especially those who have their own Private Big Toys or have access to one.


Eat some amazing Puff Puff Pizza

We close down the restaurant or go to a back room or their yacht or forest for the experience. VIP ROOM

Enjoy cannabis bagel for breakfast with some cannabis tea and weed infused bagle 

FORM A MENU - Girl Scout Stake

You get some Edibles plus our packaging

learn new information about the medicinal purposes about cannabis and how it can help your daily life.