Fashion and Interior Design

Interior design and fashion design go hand in hand with each other, Fashion influences interior design so much, from colours, patterns, and shapes. However, they are two different things. Fashion is the clothes we wear and interior design is the home we decorate and live in. Both are interesting subjects to get to know why each one is different but also how they help each other with trends and forecasts. If a particular colour is on-trend at the moment it will most likely be seen on clothes and in a living room. Interior decorator, Mariana Kero states that interior design has only ever stolen 3 things from the fashion world. These being; Velvets, metallics and florals. Just like fashion, there are some trends in interior design that are all classic and will never go out of style. In fashion we have the classic little black dress, in the interior, there are velvets, whether that be on a chair, on the curtains or as a decoration.

Before social media and the internet was a thing, it was much harder for fashion and interior design to go hand in hand with each other. It was and still is a luxury to have certain items in your household whereas “regular” people would have to wait to see it in next month's magazine where it would be an old trend. Nowadays we see new trends almost instantly from the catwalk as they’re being live-streamed and posted instantly.

I like the idea of interior design and fashion trends going alongside each other however it is a lot more difficult to change a kitchen or a living room every season than to change your clothes unless you are a celebrity/influencer. They can get it done first hand if they like a pattern on a Michael Kors dress they would be able to get that as their wallpaper or their curtains which is amazing how textiles can work in both corners. However, it can also work the other way around and fashion designers can get their inspiration from interior designs. Such as certain shades in a room, textures, and patterns. A lot of fashion designers will use interior designs on their mood boards to get more of a feel for the design.

Interior design and fashion design can also be done using the same shapes and materials, especially in Avant-Garde fashion. A big thing a lot of fashion and interior designers are trying to do at the minute is sustainable and try and save the planet. Recycled plastic and glass have been used in interior design for such things as lampshades or ornaments but Hussein Chalayan used this idea of the 3d plastic bubbles and created something which goes hand in hand with anon trend light source.

I like both professions because it allows both designers to express how they feel and design what they want to but in different ways. Some ways may be similar and very on-trend but a lot of the time these luxury bespoke items are one of a kind because that’s how the designer wants it to be.