The Power Of Fashion

The Power Of Fashion

Fashion is something that has and always will be around, It has changed a lot over the years from being a thing that only royalty had the luxury of having to where celebrities, influencers and even working-class people can afford to have. Designer clothes are increasingly becoming more popular with fashion changing every day and fast fashion getting faster. If you can’t afford the original garment from the original designer there is always a cheaper alternative, which people seem to go for more. I think we should go back in time with this, not let fashion be as fast, stop companies copying designer labels in a cheaper way which is quickly destroying the planet.

It’s scary to think that once you are a big designer everyone looks up to you and what you have to say or think and what you design says about you as a person. In ways, this is true, because of design ideas that represent your brand and who you are but in other ways, it can’t be true because a lot of the time people buy garments from luxury brands because of the name tag. Brands design for the customer, to keep them happy and to keep them coming back. The level of power your brand has helps with the high street fashion. If a luxury brand...

has made an outfit for a really popular celebrity that everyone loves, chances are the power of the garment and the person wearing the garment is going to change the way fashion is looked at. For example, if the Kardashians were wearing a pink dress designed by a luxury designer, high street brands would eat that up and have clones of that pink dress within a week. All because of the power of the brands and the influencers.

The world is changing, fashion is changing and we as the consumer have to do something about this. Luxury brands shouldn’t be exploited and copied from their design, it’s not fair on the designer for putting hours of effort and research and working with a team to get a garment that is luxury and doesn’t contribute to climate change as much. I respect High-end designers for this because they don’t make thousands of garments an hour to be sent all around the world for people to consume. They take their time, they pay attention to detail and they’re not destroying the planet as much by doing this.

Fashion has evolved so much over the years, there was a time when you had to be the highest of people to afford a luxury garment. Even then people tried they’re best to clone these clothes but not many people could afford to do that. Royalty fashion was something so rare but also had so much influence. The garments trickle down into the working class to make a cheaper alternative because of the power of who they are, this is something which has been happening for centuries and will continue to happen with the rise of influencers.

Fashion weeks are some of the most influential weeks for the fashion industry, even Avant-Garde fashion is slowly trickling down the ladder and ending up in the high street. It shows you how much fashion can influence us, what we wear can be important and can also send a message much like a lot of the Avant-Garde fashion.

In conclusion, Fashion is one of the most powerful things on this earth that is always going to be around, popular brands are still going to live on once the original designer has passed and people are still going to be buying garments for the name or buying trickled down alternatives that they can afford.

The Power Of Fashion