Stella McCartney

An article by Faye Wilson

Everyone has someone who they look up to, especially being interested in fashion you normally have that one brand that you can’t get enough of, whether that be because of the designer, the garments produced or the ethics and morals that the brand has. Stella McCartney is a brand that inspires me for all three of these reasons. The first reason being the designer, She is daughter to Sir Paul McCartney who is from my home town, Liverpool but that doesn’t make me have to like her, she went to a normal school and worked herself up from the bottom and I admire that. The garments that are produced are such high quality, she also has a range of different collections and different garments going from wedding dresses to sportswear and the fact that she is so versatile and can pull off doing different variations of clothes and accessories shows that she has talent. Finally, the Stella McCartney brand is ethical and sustainable and they set “Good environmental standards”.

McCartney is a person who isn’t afraid to take risks, her recent The Beatles collection shows that she knows where she came from and she embraces it, however that doesn’t mean that she just got where she is because of who her father is, she puts in a lot of hard work to all of her work. Her new The Beatles collaboration inspired me because of how unique it is but also how versatile it is. It is on-trend with the tie-dye and bright colours but also is very reminiscent of the 60’s when The Beatles where popular. I think it takes a lot to be able to use elements from past fashion and make it contemporary for what people would wear today. This jacket is one of my favourites from the collection because it reminds me of so much of the 60’s because of the colours the pattern and the iconic picture of The Beatles.

Stella McCartney is someone I admire as a designer because of the thought she puts into her collections, the detail she puts in and the care for what producing these garments does to our earth. She recently said in an interview that she doesn’t think her clothes should be cleaned unless they need cleaning, this was due to her working in a tailors where suits don’t get dry cleaned and if they got dirty they would wait for the dirt to dry and brush it off. She knows that the amount of cleaning and dry cleaning we do is also harmful to our planet. I think its brave of her to say something like that in the society we live in where everything needs to be clean and you can’t wear the same thing twice otherwise you get looked down on. She is someone who wants change and is actively trying to get it.

I think Stella McCartney is one of the most creative luxury designers that is around today, she does things her way and isn’t afraid to take a risk. She is really inspiring and everything that she does in order to make sure that her clothes are luxury but also environmentally friendly is something that more luxury designers should take into account, the earth isn’t going to be here forever and she knows this and she is trying to make a big difference in the fashion industry where its one of the biggest killers of the planet.

Stella McCartney