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I Love Everything About Your Business. Golden Eagle LOG & TIMBER HOMES.


My mind hardly gets blown that often but this is a great find for me. As you know i am a lover of luxury and taste and just the finer things in life that can also connect me to spirit and Golden Eagle LOG & TIMBER HOMES has hit the nail on the head.

Such amazing homes and the construction process is awesome to watch.

As a Nigerian living in the UK this is something i look forward to witnessing first hand in Africa and also in me doing business with the Americans and Russians. I think Africans are entertaining the idea of Building Full homes FORD production style processes... (if you catch my drift) in a classy more refined way.

I too have just finished a few ideas on building a few things in Nigeria using a few of the folks mentioned in this article. I believe landscaping is keep to setting the scene and also for a simply connection of keeping your eyes entertained and calm.

Millishield Bricks - www.millishield.com - i believe this philosophy could be prosperous to the production of more homes in Nigeria, Africa. For me it is all about connecting people and dots, to which can grow your business as well as just simply having fun with things. I love what i see with Millishield and love the idea of where the company is going. I look forward to seeing more GRAND HOMES.

I think that is why i am drawn to GOLDEN EAGLE LOG & TIMBER HOMES.

Zach Parmeter you are Awesome btw!

The projects look like so much fun and i too feel like getting stuck in and ordering. I always wanted a home somewhere in Canada in one of their islands, so why not.

I guess these days i am in the mood to write and start setting up business in the future with who i also write about. After all this is a new age right.. 2020 and a new way of thinking.

Lets do business. Let's build amazing homes.

I know how to get the financing and how to structure the deals. Let's talk.

Looking forward to the growth.